Tattoo Shop in LA

High Voltage Tattoo is one of the renowned tattoo shops in Los Angeles, California. While you may remember us from our LA Ink days, we’ve remained a busy place beyond the reality show because of what we continue to do off-screen. With our amazing artists, we’re able to bring your vision to life in striking detail and amazing accuracy. The stunning pieces of skin art we produce are the best bodies of evidence that we are masters of our craft.
As the founder and main aesthetic visionary, the shop draws from Kat Von D’s unique flair and sense of style. She has certainly earned her chops and has grown deep roots within the tattoo community, and is now among the most recognizable faces in Hollywood; both in the ink and in the entertainment cultures.


Getting a tattoo is always a big event. So, to commemorate your time at High Voltage Tattoo – or if you’re just a diehard Kat Von D fan – come take a look at our store merchandise. Clothing items are available in a variety of sizes for men and women, and even a couple of infant onesies!  We also carry a range of accessories and other fun stuff. With your own signature merch, you get to be a part of the HVT crew.