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Adrian Gallegos
Adrian /  Dennis /  Jack /  Jeff /  John /  Kat /  Kevin /  Khoi /  Nate

Adrian Gallegos here .. I’m gonna let you know a little bit about me before you let me tattoo you ? Cool? Aight…. Well, being a result of genetic engineering experiments for the military , life after the test tube wasn’t easy, huh what? Going too far back? Oh, ok.. uh, when I got here ..hmmm.

Well I moved to Hollywood from Phoenix 12 years ago and I’ve never looked back.. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing artists, all of whom I owe a great deal of thanks as they’ve made me the artist that I am today. I won’t name names cuz there’s just too many. (and God forbid I forget someone!) Every artist I’ve worked with I’ve learned from. I’ve been tattooing for 16 years and it’s been an amazing ride! It’s afforded me opportunities I never thought I’d have and its been such a blast I dare call it work! For this I am always gonna do right by tattooing and my customers. A wise man once told me, “Take care of tattoo and tattoo take care of you !” (in a french accent). I’ll always live by this motto. I”ll always put the absolute most of my ability into every tattoo I do and at the same time, trying to make it as comfortable a process as possible for my customers.

I’ve been asked if I specialize and I have to say that I don’t but I do try to design tattoos so that they stand the test of time. I try to avoid trends and I guess I try to make my designs classic. I don’t want people to know when you got your tattoo. I want it to be beautiful and timeless 20 years from now. I really do love all styles though, but what comes to mind as my faves are japanese, pinups, dark imagery, bio-mechanical, realistic, black and grey, traditional, new school or color bomb. From A to Z I love it all! So take a look , check me out, and see you soon! Luv ya’s! Meanit! p.s. to all my customers, Thank you for trusting me , for allowing me an opportunity to grow, as an artist and as a person, for being my therapist and for letting me be yours. You’re all special!

Thanks, Adrian.

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