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Camila Rocha
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My name is Camila Rocha, I’m a tattooist from Sao Paulo Brazil. I have been addicted to the Japanese Culture for all my life, and I’ve discovered in tattoos a reason to live for. I’m the oldest daughter of a Baptist Pastor, that was the most important thing in my life and this has influenced me as tattoo artist. I’m a lover of Asian Philosophies, and in my “time-off” I study it all (Myths, rituals, Gods and histories), just like I used to see my Father doing all the time. So my whole world is about family, Japan Tattoo Culture and my clients (that end up becoming good friends). I love to travel around the world with my husband, and for me it’s a pleasure to be in L.A. making more friends and doing Tattoos.

-Camila Rocha.

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