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Dan Smith
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Oscar Wilde once said “Biography lends to death a new terror.”…So i thought i would let some people i admire/love/respect do it for me instead. In a nutshell, I like frosted flakes, Steve Coogan, hot air balloons, Manchester and not sleeping. I wouldn’t be me if it wasn’t for Dean Parkin and Dan Andersen, Shep and Gomer, and the countless other artists that both torture and inspire. There is a light….. PS.I love Skully.

“Tattooing has a strong past and an even stronger future. It has held up this long because of the respect and passion of previous tattooers of our time. The torch will remain lit and carried through dark times and light, with the help of Dan Smith. His name is synonymous with quality, class and integrity. Dan Smith is an important figure in tattooing today and his tattoos will stand the test of time”.
- Daniel. E. Albrigo

“When i think of Dan i think of the best first date i’ve ever had. Vegan dinner, an Erasure concert and an 80′s cover band after. Very few people have what it takes to appreciate the finer things. Dan is one of them”.
- Davey Havok

“Aside from being one of the most straight forward, clear headed and even keeled people ive ever met, Dan is a versatile and sure-handed tattooer. Plus, he’s got excellent taste in fashion and music, is handsome, well spoken and smells good. It makes for a good combination. I’m proud to say he’s my friend”.
- Lindsey Carmichael

“Dan Smiths tattoos are like smelling Jackie Onassis’s pillows. Filling your brain with such joy that you want to break your head off and serve those beautiful feelings for a delicious dinner party with all your closest loved ones!”
- Matthew James Matheson the 1st

“Unmistakenly kind, a gentle soul who’s pursuits are pure and honest. Sincerity is always the premise for his entrance into any room or conversation, Dan was born without the weakness of selfishness. I find our engagements to be both a blessing and a revelation into what friendship and humanity can do to one’s soul. In allowing me the grace to write about such a man, it is hard to capture the individual who’s presence is better experienced in person rather than on paper. I hope those who come into contact with Dan Smith may have the willingness and openness to share in this rare exception to the everyday man.”

Eric Christopher Jones.
B. 7-18-1978

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