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Nate Fierro
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Nathan Michael Fierro, (referred to as Nate by some) was born in Hollywood, California in 1979, and continues to reside and work there. Unlike many tattooers, Nate was lucky enough to be apprenticed by five experienced artists – Dennis Halbritter, John Macintyre, Adam Forman, Mojo Foster, and Jason Schroder – constantly surrounding himself by the likes of these very artists, who not only taught him, but inspired, and nurtured his artistic growth throughout the years. Shortly after completing his apprenticeship, Nate’s career as a professional tattooer continued working alongside a majority of the artists mentioned above, as well as the rest of the crew at High Voltage Tattoo in West Hollywood, California. When approaching a tattoo, Nate favors imagery that proposes a creative challenge for him. There are countless ways of doing the same tattoo, but focusing on making each piece original for the individual client, while executing it in a way that withstands the test of time is Nate’s goal. The collaborative experience between artist and client is one that is just as fulfilling for the artist when a vision or idea is beautifully translated in the final outcome. Influenced by the entire crew at High Voltage is a given, but is definitely not limited to the list of Nate’s influential artists – including: Walton Ford, John James Audubon, Tiffany Bozic, Daniel Clowes, Charles Burns, Pushead, Barry McGee, Glen E. Friedman, Henry lewis, Mike davis, Jeff Zuck, Grime, Chris Conn, Trevor McStay, George Campise, Filip Leu, Jeff Rassier, Greg Irons, Frank Frazetta, Caravaggio and Hieronymus Bosch. When he’s not dedicating hours to tattooing, Nate can be found getting his creative kicks in outside the walls of High Voltage. In the comfort of his home, and private art studio a favorite pastime is drawing and painting. Nate’s passion for photography, playing guitar, and spending time with his friends and family is matched by his passion for skateboarding, snowboarding, riding his motorcycle, Star Wars, and travelling, amongst many, many others…

- Kat Von D

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