Hi guys,

    I wanted to let you guys know that we do take walk ins most days -  but only when people are available.  Some days everyone is booked right at 12 and some days people are open for walk ins.  The best time to come in for a potential walk in is 12 pm when we open - usually, even if there are a lot of appts. booked for 12pm, if you come at opening time we can get you in at some point on that day.  We really try our best to accommodate everyone and we realize a lot of you come from super far away to see us!  Oftentimes, even when everyone is open we get booked up for the day within a few hours of opening.  There has been some confusion because sometimes someone will call us and we tell them everyone is open for tattoos but then they don't come in for several hours and then we end up getting booked up in the mean time. We don't take appts over the phone because you have to leave a deposit for an appt and also speak to an artist 1st before booking.  I hope that clarifies some stuff for you.  We look forward to seeing and meeting you all. 

   The photo above is an awesome walk in tattoo that Mikey (@mikeyctattoo) did yesterday on a lovely client that came in right at opening time.  She was really happy and, luckily, Mikey was available right away.


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