Even though it's been almost 2 years that we are back in our original High Voltage spot there are still some things in our shop that haven't been fully restored post-fire.  One thing is our gorgeous chandelier above our counter.  Believe it or not it was missing about 30 Jesus pieces.  Most people wouldn't think it looked incomplete but to us, especially Kat, it looked like a shell of it's former glory.  

Well, we (mostly Ashton and Kat) have been re-doing it for the past few weeks - chandelliering if you will - and it's looking better than ever.  Kat got boxes and boxes of beautiful glass beads and we are replacing all the ugly metal fasteners with these glittery, gold, bow ties that connect all the beads and add an extra sparkle.  It looks so full and lush, like a giant bunch of over-ripe grapes ready for the picking!

Don't take my word on this though - you better come on in and see it for yourself.  It really is a sight to behold.  If you know anything about Kat, you know she loves big 'n bold and the entire look of our shop reflects this.  Every time someone new comes in, the first thing they comment on is how beautiful our shop is.  We all love coming to work each day to be surrounded by so much beauty.  It's inspiring, vibrant, really lifts your spirits and inspires creativity.  Not a bad gig at all!!