It's so hard to believe that we had our 10 year anniversary last month.  It's been a crazy, awesome ride to say the least.  Filming LA Ink was a very interesting and unique experience.  As frustrating as it got having all those extra people in the shop with cameras and stuff, ultimately, it was amazing.  We got to meet people from all over the world who shared their intimate stories with us - some tragic and some funny but all human.  That's why people loved the show so much, well, that and ART!!!  We got to showcase some of the best tattooers in the world and the reveals of the tattoos on LA Ink were always spectacular.

Nowadays it's a tad more mellow over here but we are so lucky that people know us and want to meet us.  We still get people from ALL over the world almost everyday and they are genuinely excited to be here - they feel like they know us already. 

Of course the glue that binds all this together is Kat Von D.  Truly one of the most creative people alive and something that a lot of people probably do not know is that she is one of the most generous, caring and kind people.  None of us would be here without her and we all love her beyond explanation.

THANK YOU!!!  To all of our fans, clients, customers and friends we truly thank you all for making High Voltage such a magical place.  Here's to 10 more kick ass years.

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